Faro offers a full suite of E&P technical services.  With its unique combination of data science and petroleum engineering expertise, We have the ability to properly clean public and proprietary data sets which can then be used to build machine learning models that provide incredibly valuable answers to a client.


Our staff has evaluated over $50 billion in oil and gas properties on the buy and sell sides in the domestic U.S. and internationally.  Having closed on over $1 billion in major U.S. basins, we have the ability to:

  • Source operated, non-operated, and minerals opportunities for purchase or sale
  • Complete in-depth technical and financial evaluations on conventional and unconventional properties
  • Use the results from evaluations to build investor presentations and reports for clients
  • Help the client perform due diligence in closing and integrate the new property into their reserves portfolio


We are able to provide clients with our experience in reserves reporting for both SEC and reserves based lending purposes.  Our team has been instrumental in working with many different reserve auditors and banks to complete reports with a quick turnaround.  By building type curves that stand up to rigorous evaluation and creating the necessary documentation, we are able to mitigate any future complications.

Faro is able to:

  • Perform a full analysis of the area(s) in question and build the appropriate type curves to satisfy auditors and optimize reserves for the client
  • Work with the client’s current database or build one from scratch.  Faro uses PHDWin, but if there is an ARIES license available, we are very adept with it and can easily work with it
  • Meet with auditors or bank engineers to discuss any aspect of the report so that it can be completed and approved in a timely manner
  • Analyze a client’s current data and operations to ascertain where improvements on reserves and production can be made
  • Advise on drilling and completions; We have access to some phenomenal drilling and completions experts in many areas of the country.  Let us know your issue, we may have a solution


  • When it comes to strategy & financial modeling, we can create full corporate models, translate your cashflow outputs from reserve runs to spreadsheet models, and help you with directing your A&D/drilling plan efforts